Friday, January 2, 2015

Princess Serenity Cosplay Overview

Hi there my loves!  Long time no post!

I wanted to share with you all my recent endeavor at a Princess Serenity cosplay.  Now, as usual, I somehow managed to pull this costume together in two days.  I'm starting to realize I only finish cosplays when I need them in the next 36 hours. -_-  I envy those cosplayers that take their time to put together quality costumes instead of my methods: running around like a crazed monkey woman frantically throwing fabric at a mannequin until it somewhat resembles what I have in mind.

(Picture relevant)

H O W  I  C O N T R U C T E D  the  D R E S S: 

I used a white chiffon for the bodice and the draping.  The dress had two layers of draping.  If you're making your own dress, search for a simple empire waist line pattern and you'll be good to go.  A lot of Serenity cosplayers use the Kwik Sew dress pattern here.

The back bow was constructed from a white tulle kind of fabric.  I also decided against adding a long train as this wasn't intended to be a contest costume, I was just wearing it as I walked around the convention.  (Walking around with long trains is murder!  Everyone and their mother will be stepping on them and tripping you.) 

I couldn't find the perfect gold color pearls or fabric for the embellishments, so I ended up painting them both with an Elegant Finish Metallic Paint in champagne gold.  The fabric was originally some teal fabric I had left over from another costume that I ironed onto fusing backing so the fabric wouldn't fray after cutting the circular shapes.  I fixed the golden circles and pearls to the bodice using Tacky Glue, my go-to adhesive for virtually everything.   

These shoulder cuffs were a pain. -_-

For the cuffs, I ended up having to make a spiral frame with stainless steel wire that would would clasp onto my shoulder.  I then rolled up white tulle and began covering the frame, stitching the pieces in place as I went.  

M A K E U P and H A I R : 

So, for the makeup I kept it pretty simple.  Just a primer and BB cream along with some fake eye lashes.  For the crescent moon, I sculpted it out of Sculpey polymer clay, painted it, sealed it, and stuck it to my face with spirit gum. 

For the hair, I used my real blonde for the odangos, and then clipped in the extensions for the pig tails.  I recommend cutting all different length layers into your extensions 'cause that'll help them tangle less.  I also used a faux fringe that I got off eBay for like 5 dollars.  And if you didn't notice, I totally forgot the shoulder cuffs at home. :(

So that was my attempt and Princess Serenity's dress.  Drop me a message or comment if you guys have any questions or need some advice on your own Serenity cosplay! 



  1. Wow. I've seen two of your cos plays (Daenaris) and this and you have looked amazing in both. I also seen an episode of suburgatory and didn't you make the Daenaris jewellery in that?

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your lovely words! ^_^ It's awesome when someone appreciates my attempts at cosplay. And yes, three of my Daenerys pieces were used in an episode of Suburgatory! Never thought that would happen X )

    2. You're welcome! You are very talented. HaHa.
      You definetley fooled me with the Daenaris Cos play, it was definetley my favourite pic of her, until I got told it was cos play which led me to find you. HaHa.
      Do you have Twitter or anything? ^.^

    3. Also when can we expect your next cosplay? :)

    4. Oh thank you! :P I'm actually adding links to my social media on the blog soon. As for my next cosplay, I'm currently working on an Elsa, a Tauriel, and Dany's season 5 wedding outfit. :D

    5. Okay! I'll be sure to follow you on em all! HaHa. ^.^
      I didn't know that Dany gets married again! I'm wondering to who.
      I think Elsa and Dany look alike, but that might just be me. I'm sure you will do a great job and make her look bueatiful anyways. :)
      I'm not too sure who Tauriel is though. :/