Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sansa Necklace and Makeup Test

Hello my little doves! So when I cosplayed as Daenerys last year, I had a lot of peeps say that I looked nothing like her. That I infact, looked a lot like Sansa Stark. I personlly don't think I look like either, but I decided to go ahead with a little makeup test anyways to see.

Annnd I was right.  But that's okay, you gotta cosplay whoever you want, brah!  I really love Sansa's character development within the books, and I really loved how the series underscored that with the change in her look.  I know she dyes her hair in books as well to hide the fact she's Sansa Stark, but the visual and placement of the change in the series was super cool and really made me want to cosplay her! : )  So maybe I will go and buy her wig and get to makin' her birdwear.  

Here's some closeups of Sansa's necklace.

I tried to keep it as authentic as possible with the images I was able to find on the web. 

I tossed around the idea of making a resin mold for the circular and nail pendants.  Ultimately, I didn't think it would be a good weight considering resin is pretty light, so instead I opted for a hand sculpt using Sculpey.  It had a much more realistic weight that stayed in position perfectly around the neck.   

I'm also selling Sansa's necklace in my Etsy shop (link somewhere to the right) for those of you who will be cosplaying her! ---------------> 

Leave me a comment below if you're planning on dressing up as the dark Stark for Halloween or conventions coming up.  I'd love to see pics or just pick your brain about wigs and things :D

And I apologize for taking forev on my Elsa costume tutorial.  Things have been crazy with work and the move, that I haven't uploaded nearly as many tutorials as I would have liked.  Hopefully that'll change now : )


  1. I love your Sansa look, it really suits you :) This is a link to my outfit at a comic-con earlier this month :)

    1. Oh, wow, you look amazing! That bodice is just lovely! Very nicely done :D

  2. You seriously look identical to Sansa! I googled pics for costume ideas and I actually thought this was a "behind the scenes" pic of her! This is insane!