Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Arda Suzi Wig in Titanium Blonde - Elsa Cosplay

Hi there my little snowflakes!  So, you may or may not have read my Elsa wig guide I posted earlier.  (if not, I recommend a quick peek !)  One of the wigs I recommended in my guide is the lace front Suzi Wig in Titanium Blonde made by Arda Wigs.  This, in fact, is the wig I purchased for my own Elsa cosplay, and I wanted to share with you my review.  Now, the pictures below are of the unstyled wig, and are just to give a better reference for the quality.  My review is also based on my needs for this wig, which is for my Elsa cosplay.  You may be purchasing this wig for an entirely different character, and if so, just ignore my Elsa comparisons!    

Attesting to its popularity, this wig has been out of stock forever.  Now, that doesn't mean you can't order it, it just means you may have a long wait before your wig finds its way to your doorstep.  (ie ORDER EARLY!)  I ordered mine at the beginning of February and didn't receive it until almost the end of March.  Now, Arda warns you that you're in for a wait because of all the backorders, so waiting until the week before your con to order the Suzi wig is out the window.

Length was spot on.  I did a quick braid to give you a better idea of how long the styled wig will rest.  However, the volume isn't up to Elsa code.  When styling, you will need to pull the braid very loose to mimic her wider braid.  You can also achieve this by adding in more wefts for greater volume.  Here's a great tutorial for that.

As far as color goes, I could not be more ecstatic.  Too often do you buy wigs that end up being the totally wrong shade when you finally get them in front of you.  Titanium blonde has the perfect golden yet icy undertones that looks exactly like Elsa's.  

This is a lace front wig which you can see hanging from the hairline.  It comes with a good amount of lace in the front to give you plenty of room to work with incase you want to add more strands on your own.  Personally, I don't think that will be necessary if you're using the wig for Elsa.

I was really pleased with the widow's peak on this wig.  It was really well ventilated - which is the process of tying fibers to your wig.  This makes the Suzi wig have a very realistic hairline that looks very similar to Elsa's.  A lot of precision and care went into hand ventilating this hairline.  And because this wig is a lace front, it gives the perfect realistic hairline for Elsa.

The picture above doesn't do the layers justice, but I was also very pleased with them.  They're essential for easy styling of Elsa wispy pulled back bangs, and I did not want to have to cut them myself.  (I'm dangerous with scissors, like that time I tried to cut my own bangs... oh, man!)

So to sum up my review, here's my ratings:

color:        ♥    ♥  

length:   ♥  ♥    ♥  

volume: ♥  ♥    ♥  

quality:     ♥  ♥  ♥  


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  2. This one is definitely on my list now, I was worried the peak was too sharp and the length not that great. I'll be excited to see how you style it! :) And I have a couple Arda wigs so I know they are great quality! The backorder on this one has been a deterrent. But as I'm going for number 3 now, I might give it a go!

    1. Yeah, this wig was definitely awesome! I'm gonna be uploading the styling photos soon : )