Thursday, January 9, 2014

Update: Cons, DIII Party and More!

Yo!  So I know I haven't posted nearly as much as I should, but I plan to rectify that.  2014 New Year's Resolution: POST ON DA BLOG!  I have a lot of plans for upcoming posts that I'm verrrrrry excited about : )  I have a lot of ideas for new cosplays and consequently new tutorials for you guys!  Also, I have some pics to share with you guys from my DIII Whimsyshire party and some pics from a recent con I visited.  I also want to share with you guys my ideas for upcoming cosplays.  So read on if any of this interests you!

Also, a note to all those who are here because of my one Dany cosplay pic: I'm still shocked and humbled that that pic became so widespread.  I only intended to help a few girls out with their Dany costumes, so I put together the costume tutorial and slapped that picture on there.  To say I was shocked to see my own photo on Reddit while I was browsing is an understatement.  And comments were more than entertaining.  Except the dude that said I had a lazy eye.  You can go to hell! : P  Anywhos, thanks for the support, guys! : )      

D I I I   L A N  P A R T Y

Diablo is easily one of my favorite video game franchises, and with the new expansion coming out, what better to celebrate than with a DIII Whimsyshire LAN partay?  While my male friends may have appreciated my enthusiasm to decorate for our LAN, I'm pretty sure they couldn't understand why I was doing this.  But mah girl gamers got mah back, right?!  You ladies get it, riiiiight?  Well, whatever.  I thought it was wicked. >:)  For those of you gamers who've never played Diablo III, well, I'm not really sure what you're spending your gaming time on.  I definitely recommend giving it a try!  The expansion, Reaper of Souls, is set to release on March 25, 2014.  

 Alright, to start, I tried copying the cupcake health globes that appear as you slaughter pink teddy bears and smiling flowers.  They're a vanilla cake batter with cherry frosting and topped with a stemmed cherry.  Not terribly difficult, but terribly yummy. : )  Wait, does that make sense?

Next I tried to find toys that would brighten up the table setting.  I was able to find purple pony toys and smiling flowers at my local dollar store, so I bought a bunch of them to decorate the space with.  To my friends' dismay, I made them take them home as party favors 'cause after the party I no longer had any need for a dozen My Little Pony rip offs and creepy pedo flowers.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if they kept them?  Hm...

This addition to the LAN party was the most time consuming: the Diablo piñata.  (Complete with soulstone!)  I made the head by paper maché-ing around a blown balloon then popping the balloon once it was hardened.  The body, arms, and legs were made from cut up cardboard box.  The soulstone and horns were made from cardboard and aluminum foil to give them their shape.  After the skeleton was hot glued together, I next cut strips of tissue paper and stuck it to the body with glue stick.  Add a little candy, and voilà!  Fortunately, my hours of work weren't demolished for the goodies inside as my friends insisted "piñatas were for kids."  Pssshhhh!          

C O N V E N T I O N  P I C S

So recently my friend Michael and I visited a local convention.  Because I decided to go last minute, I didn't have time to plan a new cosplay, and I had to wear something I already had.  Queue Dany costume.   

But this time I had my circle lenses!  Forgive the cam ***** pic, but I was super pleased with the way they looked in real life.  I mean, they look almost natural!  (If violet eyes could look natural...)  More people should start wearing these day to day in the West.  If anyone's curious, they're the G&G GBT Violet lenses from  I definitely recommend buying lenses from this company!  They wrote me a hand written thank you note for my purchase and even personally emailed me to make sure my order arrived safe and sound.  What company does that anymore?  They definitely secured me as a future customer, and I definitely recommend them to you guys!  Okay, on to some sweet pics I was able to snap on the con!

This is a picture of my friend Kimmie!  She's cosplaying a super cute ganguro girl complete with teddy bear kigurumi and sickeningly cute accessories!

I was super excited to see this girl 'cause I've never seen a Skip Beat cosplay before, and it's one of my all time favorite manga.  She's the Love Me Kyoko from Skip Beat.  

I caught this adorable Ariel on the way to a panel.  

This is my friend Michael cosplaying as Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia posing with Buggy from One Piece.  Not gonna lie, this clown is straight up terrifying.   

On our way home!  *Insert obnoxious duck face peace out pic here* 

F U T U R E  C O S P L A Y

Do you guys recognize this bad*ss lady above?  The cosplay I'm working on next is Tauriel of Mirkwood from the Hobbit films!  She's unfortunately not in the original books, so I tip my hat to Mr. Jackson for adding her character to the films; the Hobbit was in desperate need of a powerful female role.  She reminds me a lot of Dany in that she just exudes raw power and strength from every inch of her.  Seriously, you don't want to mess with this chick.  She duel wields daggers as well as a bow, and I haven't decided which would be more awesome to make.  Maybe both?   

For those of you who are thinking of cosplaying her in the near future, I encourage you to check back to my blog from time to time as I will be posting research, tutorials, and just my general progress through piecing together this cosplay.

Stay tuned...               

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